Brownie Cookie Dough Cake Balls


Whenever I’m stumped on what new cake ball creation I want to make next I like to take a trip to the grocery store for some inspiration.  The candy and cookie aisles are usually what I head towards.  This time around I found brownie filled cookies…WHAT!?  Personally I wouldn’t ever buy the actual Chips Ahoy brownie filled cookies because I think all their cookies taste like chemicals but it’s a good idea nonetheless.  These cake balls are “cookie dough” filled brownie cake balls because I didn’t want to be a total copycat 😉



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Banana Caramel Cake Balls


This morning I was trying to figure out what flavor cake ball to make and right in front of me were some overripe bananas.  I’m not sure what to think of this bittersweet phenomenon.  I don’t know many people who like to eat overripe bananas but I’m glad someone came up with the brilliant idea to bake with them because I hate wasting food.  I went to Cake Ballz unique flavor combinations to see what banana flavors I’ve already made, to avoid making a repeat flavor, and realized there are quite a few banana flavors: banana bread brown butter, banana Nutella, and banana butterscotch oatmeal.  Then a funny thing happened.  Thinking of the overripe banana phenomenon and all the banana cake ball flavors I’ve made, Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” popped in my head so I have included that into this post for your viewing/listening pleasure:)  These cake balls are made with a banana cake, banana caramel frosting, dipped in chocolate, and topped with chopped toasted walnuts.  This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

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French Toast Cake Balls


French toast is one of my favorite breakfast foods.  It comes in a close second next to hash browns only because I’m a huge fan of anything potato….potatoes prepared in any way or any foods containing potatoes for that matter:)  I’ve always wondered how it became acceptable to eat sweets for breakfast.  No other meal has so many dessert-like items.  These cake balls are made with french toast flavored cake, maple cinnamon frosting, dipped in white chocolate, and topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I’m sure you’ve heard of breakfast for dinner, now you have breakfast for dessert!


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Hot Chocolate Cake Balls


Another hot drink inspired cake ball!  Cold weather calls for a nice hot beverage to warm you from the inside out.  Hot chocolate, hot cocoa, drinking chocolate….whatever you call it, it’s all essentially the same flavors of warm, rich chocolatey goodness made even better with fluffy, melted marshmallow.  These cake balls are made with a chocolate cake, mixed with a marshmallow frosting, filled with a homemade marshmallow fluff, dipped in chocolate, and topped with a mini marshmallow.  Hot chocolate cake balls: a cake ball that will warm your heart and soul making you feel full of warm, cozy nostalgia!


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Caramel Macchiato Cake Balls

Caramel Macchiato Cake Balls Fall is here for the very short time it lasts.  I’m celebrating with a warm drink flavored cake ball…CARAMEL MACCHIATO!  What a great way to restart this blog with a jolt of caffeine deliciousness.  When the leaves start to change and the air starts getting crisp and chilly I enjoy sipping a hot caramel macchiato.  The sweet, nutty caramel paired with the bitter espresso is the perfect combination of flavors.  These cake balls are made with an espresso flavored cake, mixed with caramel cream frosting, filled with caramel in the middle, dipped in white chocolate and topped with a homemade caramel/espresso sugar.  Cheers to Fall weather and Fall flavored cake balls!


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Almond Joy Cake Balls

Ok so I kind of gave up on making cake balls from my seasonal list.  I just wasn’t in the mood for something fruity so I went to my existing unique flavor combinations and picked the first appealing flavor I wanted to eat at that moment.  And Almond Joy cake balls were born!  This flavor has been on the list since the beginning and I have no clue why I never made the flavor until now.  I love Almond Joy and of course any sweet in cake ball form is even better!  These cake balls are made with a coconut almond cake, sweetened condensed milk/coconut “frosting,” dipped in chocolate and topped with coconut and an almond.  Mmmmm Almond Joy deliciousness!

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Fig Biscoff Cake Balls

If you haven’t already, you MUST try Biscoff Spread!!!  It’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted.  It’s basically delicious Biscoff cookies in spreadable form.  And if you haven’t tried Biscoff cookies either it’s another must try.  Its hard to describe the flavor but I consider them similar to gingersnaps but more delicious.  Technically they are Speculoos biscuits if that means anything to you.  I usually eat Biscoff Spread by the spoonful but I also love it with apples or on toast.  Considering how amazingly delicious this stuff is I thought it would taste fabulous in a cake ball.  I made it extra fancy by adding figs.  These cake balls are made with fig Biscoff cake, fig Biscoff “frosting,” dipped in white chocolate, topped with Biscoff cookie crumble.  And there you have it; Fig Biscoff cake balls were born and they are AMAZING!

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